About Us

About Us

Our Aims

Shradhanjali is a handicraft unit of Auroville. Since beginning in 1980 its goals have been:

-To gather the wealth of the natural world as expressed through flowers and foliage and convert this into beautiful handmade products in a conscious, caring and sustainable way.

– To provide a stimulating and enriching working environment for the village women and men it employs.

– To generate wealth for the growth of Auroville in a conscious, ethical manner, working harmoniously with its buyers and suppliers.

Profits generated by Shradhanjali are channeled back into Auroville for its maintenance and development.

The Way We Work

Shradhanjali is committed to using environmentally friendly processes and techniques.

The building is designed with natural ventilation and light. It is equipped with solar energy, wastewater is recycled for garden use, rainwater is harvested.

The flowers and plants are grown in our own garden using only organic manure; drip irrigation is used to prevent water wastage.

Flowers are handpicked every day and dried in cardboard presses. The seeds and seedpods are harvested seasonally and sun-dried.

All steps, from the growing of plants to their drying, decorative pasting and final packaging, are done by hand using organic methods.

Most products are made of handmade paper, which is processed by recycling cotton rags and adding other natural fibres like straw, wool or gunny.

Our Story

Shradhanjali (‘offering of faith’) was started in a corner of Aspiration community in 1980 by two young Indian women who dreamed of creating beautiful products to generate some much needed income for Auroville.
It has been a profoundly enriching voyage to reach where we are today as it is a special privilege and responsibility to be an Auroville unit.

At Shradhanjali, we endeavour to participate in the Auroville adventure fully and truly, by continuing to work towards perfection in the quality of our products, in our relationship with our employees, as well as our buyers and suppliers, in caring for and using the environment in a sustainable way and lastly in participating in the development of Auroville in a dynamic manner.

Our Team

Our team consists largely of women from several villages surrounding Auroville. Their increased sense of self worth and confidence because of this work
is of great importance to us as they are the instruments of change in their communities.



















"Nature makes an offering of her beauty"
- The Mother

"Nature makes an offering of her beauty"
- The Mother